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Why you should consider medical sales

When considering getting a role in the healthcare or medical field, choosing to be a medical sales rep may not be everyone’s first choice. While most dream of being a doctor, surgeon, or nurse, not many consider this a vital and also exciting role within the industry.

The core aim of medical sales is to sell the latest products and technology to hospitals and other medical institutes to deliver the best care possible. It’s an important part of the medical ecosystem and should be a role that you consider if you want to enter the industry but don’t fancy the long training and debt that becoming a doctor requires.

Here are some reasons why you should consider medical sales.

It pays well

Being a medical sales rep is a well-paid role, with new starters earning around $28,000 and more experienced seniors taking home around $48,000. This high earning potential is made even better because the required education to qualify for the role is quick and can be completed within 12 weeks if you take a program from Medical Sales Institute. This means that, unlike training to be a doctor or nurse, you don’t have to commit a lot of time studying and won’t rack up that much debt.

You can enter the industry pretty quickly and start earning good money from an entry-level position.

It’s rewarding

When working in medical sales, the work that you do really does make a difference. For example, if you’re able to sell a new treatment or product that a hospital wasn’t using before, that treatment could go on to save or prolong a patient’s life.

As a medical sales rep, the work you put in doesn’t just help your company earn profits, but it also ensures that patients get access to the best equipment.

As a medical sales rep, you’re not trying to sell people things they don’t need – which is true for many other sales roles – instead, you’re selling something valuable that can make the role really rewarding.

You have responsibility 

A role in medical sales comes with a lot of responsibility, which can be a benefit for a lot of people.

A lot of money goes into these products, and as a medical sales rep, you’ll be the driving force in getting these new products into circulation, which can be exciting. You have to be ambitious to thrive in this role, which is why it really suits those that are driven and committed to working hard.

With a mix of pitching products to investors to educating patients on how to use your product, everything you do is important, which can add value to the role.

A unique medical career

Getting a role as a medical sales rep is a different kind of role that you’ll usually find in the healthcare industry. Instead of helping patients directly, you’ll ensure they get access to the products and treatments they need for a good experience.

With the ability to earn well and with how valuable the role is, it’s definitely one that you should consider.

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