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Treasure Hunter Claire Guide – How to Beat the Angel Boss and Get Your Treasure Before the Villain Does

Treasure Hunter Claire Guide – How to Beat the Angel Boss and Get Your Treasure Before the Villain Does

There are six endings in Treasure Hunter Claire, and you’ll find that each one has its own
unique CGs and dialogue. This guide will help you beat the Angel Boss and get your treasure
before the villain does! Read on for more tips and tricks. You may also enjoy these other
Treasure Hunter Claire games! What Are the Best Ways to Win Treasure Hunter Claire? – Find
the Hidden Treasure Before the Villain Doe’s It
Defeat the Angel Boss
If you have completed all quests involving allies and have beaten the Angel Boss, you can now
move on to other quests. You can also fight the Goddess in the Dark Temple. If you complete
these quests, you will receive the TRUE END and can go on to unlock all titles. Alternatively, if
you are stuck in a quest and would like to try it again, you can use the teddy bear you find in
Claire’s house to restart the game.
To get a TRUE END, you must first defeat the Angel Boss and have Karma less than 70. You
can then try using the Pure Heart to lower your Karma below 70. You can also use the Tainted
Heart to defeat the Angel Boss and then use it to get to 100 Karma. After defeating the Angel
Boss, you will be presented with three different endings.
Defeat the villain
Defeat the villain with medicinal herbs: The Goddess wanted Claire to obtain the treasure
before the villain could. The Goddess believed that the blood of a Hero lay dormant in Claire.
Claire felt the blood swell in her and realized that she had the power of a Hero. Claire vowed
to continue searching for the treasure. She had been blessed by the Goddess and felt a sense
of protection from her spirit guide, a powerful being.
Obtain the treasure
Obtain the medicinal herbs for treasure hunter Claire from the Overseer’s office in Blacksteel
Mines. These are found in the northeast corner of the room with the wooden chest, and they
are needed by Claire to unlock the Treasure Hunter’s medical kit. Obtaining these items will
grant Claire +150 silver and unlock the Treasure Hunter’s medical kit. The Overseer, Yorn, is
also a good option to acquire the treasure hunter’s medicinal herbs.
The Forgetful Sailor is located on the eastern side of the town of Valos. He mentions a lost
charm, so Claire must search the pub for it. It’s a secret, though: one of the girls in the pub
warns Claire about slimes in the basement. The Forgetful Sailor, however, is more likely to
give her a hint than an actual clue.
Once Claire has found the Blacksteel Ingots, she can choose whether to accept it or decline it.
The latter option rewards Claire with 80 silvers and +1 defiance. The former option rewards
Claire with +2 defiance, but requires a high level of acrobatic skills. After all, Claire can’t use
these items unless she has the Medicine of a Treasure Hunter.
The southwestern room is where Claire can meet Ario. After obtaining permission from
Lawrence, Claire must purchase 50 silvers from him before she can cross the guards and
explore Valos’ Outer City. She also has to purchase Wildflowers from the Gypsy vendor to
unlock the treasure chest and access the hidden room inside. After all, obtaining the Treasure
Hunter’s Medicines will help Claire get over this difficult part of her journey.
In the northwestern part of Valos Outer City, Claire visits the library. She talks to the librarian
near the entrance. She picks up one of the three books on offer, Saga of the Warrior-Queen,

Lady of Ambition, and The Obedient Maiden. Claire then proceeds to speak with Esther and
confront Lawrence. Ultimately, Claire has a powerful ally from among the Valosian nobility.

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