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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In A First Aid Kit

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In A First Aid Kit.It can happen to anyone; you can be working on a DIY project at home when suddenly, you become injured and start rooting around looking for plasters and gauzes.

Like most things, people don’t consider how important a first aid kit is until they desperately need one, meaning that many homes do not contain this exceedingly important piece of medical aid. In fact, it is a legal requirement for every workplace to have a first aid kit and a trained first aider, so why have you overlooked this in your own home?

With that in mind, here are some key reasons why you should buy a first aid kit for your family.

Essential Stop Gap

Suppose you have a young child who falls and seriously cuts themselves at home. While someone calls 911, you need a way to stop the bleeding. This is exactly why a first aid kit is an essential piece of kit if you have children, as it will prevent them from becoming more injured or more unwell and can act as a preventive for serious issues such as blood loss. However, that is only if all of its components are in date and are in the kit itself. For guidance on what a first aid kit should contain, take a look at the MFASCO website and either buy a ready-made kit or check out what they include and see what is missing from yours.  

Reduces The Chance of Infection

There are many ways that an open wound can become infected, and one of the most common is that it is very deep and has not been cleaned correctly. A first aid kit will not only contain washes that you can clean a deep injury with, but it will also have gauzes that you can use to cover the injury. So, always be sure that any first aid kit you buy for your family has antiseptic washes or wipes to help clean wounds effectively.

Saves Lives

This may sound dramatic, but when you have a first aid kit and some general knowledge about how to administer it, you can save lives and prevent serious injuries from causing lifelong issues. Suppose someone in your home receives a burn on their hand; treating it quickly and wrapping it with the appropriate materials will prevent the skin from being pulled off and will thus reduce the chances of the burn causing a scar.

Also, it is worth spending a bit of extra money when buying a first aid kit if you have someone in your home with an allergy. The use of an EpiPen will be a true lifesaver if the person goes into anaphylactic shock.

Reduces Recovery Time

Following on from the example of a burn, even a minor burn can have a significant recovery time, with the area potentially puckering and being sore for a while. However, if effective first aid was applied immediately after the burn occurred, the body would respond better, and thus it has a better chance of healing faster. Of course, in cases involving burns or deep cuts, always use the first aid as a first response and seek professional medical help.

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