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State of Decay 2 Update

State of Decay 2 Update

Today’s State of Decay 2 update is available on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It fixes an issue in which characters can become stuck in a sprint state after briefly running. Other changes include improvements to Infestations and Landmark Outpost menus. The game will be available in 2022. Read on to learn more about this update. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates.

Changes to Landmark Outpost menu

While the changes to the Landmark Outpost menu have changed gameplay, the game is still highly enjoyable. Players can now select from three distinct outpost benefits. These options also come with different costs, so players can choose how much to spend on each option. When claiming an outpost, players will select their initial strategy and later change it if necessary. Moreover, a valuable outpost will display a distinctive background on the map screen. Additionally, these outposts unlock three new achievements and 50 gamerscore!

In addition to this, the Command Center also features a menu, allowing players to increase their outpost count. Players can also increase the number of outposts in the Command Center by claiming more outposts. This allows players to offload items without having to return to their home base. In addition, players can now choose to claim outposts near their communities. While this may seem like a small change, it can help those who want to build communities on the go.

Another change to the Outpost menu is the introduction of plague territory on new maps. Previously, only the primary weapon was allowed. Now, survivors can carry a sidearm. This opens up new tactical loadout options for players. Community skills are also now available, which provide a collective benefit to the community. Furthermore, new maps and map difficulties have plague territory, which is only visible on certain areas. Plague hearts are now a very annoying red mist, which makes the area unfit for human habitation.

In addition to removing the zombies, the player now can use the Outpost to train their skills. It now requires 1000 Influence to own a Landmark Outpost. However, he has to destroy the plague hearts first before claiming the outpost. The outpost menu is a helpful tool when building up a new outpost. Its new features make it easier for players to choose the right strategy for their playstyle.

The new changes to the Outpost menu in State of Decay 2 are aimed at improving the game’s strategy and balance. Many players who have played the game for years know what they like to do, and what works for them. In addition to the changes to the Outpost menu, players can now recruit Red Talon contractors, which require 2750 Prestige. But note that you must have the Hacking Quirk Skill or you won’t get an extra outpost slot.

Improvements to Infestations

Infestations are becoming more visible and impending in State of Decay 2, and developers Undead Labs want to make them even more terrifying. They are currently working on making Infestations more interactive and threatening, allowing players to set defensive traps at outposts, and expanding the range of Infestations. Undead Labs is also looking into ways to improve communication between players and Infestations.

Undead Labs has also announced that they plan to add new features to infestations in State of Decay 2. The most significant of these is an overhaul of the Infestation system, which allows zombies to take over buildings. The interface will also be redesigned to make it easier to explain how Infestations affect player health and other aspects of the game. Hopefully, these changes will make it easier for players to survive the zombie outbreaks that are now infecting their world.

The Infestations system will be one of the biggest overhauls that State Of Decay 2 will receive in its next update. Undead Labs has not yet specified the release date for this update, but they have revealed that they plan to release several updates for the game through 2022. As such, they are focusing on Infestations. Whether it is the bug fixing or the addition of new game modes, this update will be welcomed by players.

Infections were a major draw in the first State of Decay game. Infections are now secondary objectives, which can quickly spread to epidemic levels. Infections are marked on maps as yellow huts, and they will grow close together as they spread. Some of them will also move over when they hear the sound of an infestation, which can be a good thing. The more infestations a player has on their map, the worse their community will be for morale.

Zombies are becoming a bigger threat in State of Decay 2. Zombie hordes will now attack a player’s outposts and base. These new hordes will be more aggressive, and will also notify players when they approach. Additionally, they’ll take away some of their passive benefits when they infest their outposts. If you want to stay safe from the hordes, these new features will ensure your survival in the zombie-filled world.

Coming in 2022

The latest State of Decay 2 update is expected to revamp the game’s Infestations systems and give the maps a visual makeover. This update follows the last one, which had smaller changes. However, this one is much more substantial. If you’re a fan of the zombie survival genre and are looking for a new game on Xbox, the update coming in 2022 will give the game a much-needed visual upgrade.

Undead Labs announced the upcoming update during a live stream earlier this week. During the stream, the company explained the changes and updates that will be included in the game’s 2022 expansion. Update 28 included new outposts, enclaves, and Zombie Density, along with various bug fixes and Achievement-related adjustments. The game’s future is still in the works, but it’s hard to imagine a new release without new features.

Despite these changes, Undead Labs plans to release multiple updates in 2022. The first update will revolve around Infestations and overhaul the UI and communications for Infestations. Additionally, the developers have teased new levels of threat for the Infestations, which should be coming out sometime in 2022. There are some other hints as well. In 2022, expect to see a lot more of the game’s content updates!

Undead Labs is working on several updates for State of Decay 2. The developers are working on adding new gameplay mechanics and UI improvements. Feedback from the community and internal development is encouraged. A recent update has completely overhauled Infestations, while other updates are focusing on the reworked Infestations. They will also continue to improve the overall experience of the game, including the way they communicate with players.

In the meantime, the team is already planning a new game called State of Decay 3. Although the developer has not announced a release date for the game, they did announce that it would be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series S, as well as PC. The developer has been facing several internal problems and has been accused of burnout. This has led to the delay of the game’s development. It’s unclear whether this is a result of the infighting between the studio and Microsoft.

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