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Shooting in Memphis Today

A Shooting in Memphis Today

The news is full of horror as reports of a shooting in Memphis surface. James Wilson, Sevion, and Mallory Morgan were all killed while eating at a popular Memphis food spot. A juvenile suspect shot and killed Sevion, but law enforcement has not yet confirmed the names of the victims. Police are searching for a second suspect in the case. The shooting happened inside a Makeda’s Butter Cookies store.

Young Dolph was fatally shot inside of Makeda’s Butter Cookies

The murder of hip-hop star Young Dolph is a heartbreaking tragedy. The teen rapper, real name Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., was fatally shot in the back of a Memphis cookie shop on Nov. 17. While there, he was shopping for his favorite treats. Upon arriving, a large crowd gathered at the scene, some of them in tears.

The shooting has prompted social media rumors of other rap artists being killed in the city. A Memphis police spokesman said there is no evidence that other rappers were involved in the shootings. In addition to the fatal shooting of Young Dolph, the rap artist was shot inside an Orange Mound intersection near Melrose High School. In addition to the shooting, Memphis police released photos from surveillance video. At this time, they have not revealed any suspect information, nor have they made any arrests.

The murder of Young Dolph has left a void in the heart of the local hip hop community. The 36-year-old was born in Memphis and lived in a neighborhood just north of the city. Memphis police released surveillance photos of two suspects. They approached Young Dolph, who had his face partially covered. The suspects then shot him several times. Young Dolph, whose real name was Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., was killed at a Memphis restaurant, Makeda’s Butter Cookies, where he was purchasing cookies.

In the last few years, Young Dolph has been a prominent figure in the Memphis community. He donated money to Hamilton High School and the city’s sports program. He also visited the children at St. James Missionary Baptist Church. He was a frequent customer of the cookie shop and was a fan of its owners. He also offered to hand out turkeys to needy families before Thanksgiving. He had plans to do that this Friday.

Sevion was shot and killed by a juvenile suspect

Police in Memphis have released new details regarding a teen’s murder in the parking lot of a Five Guys restaurant in East Memphis. The victim, 17-year-old Contario Sevion, was working there when he was shot multiple times and was killed. Police have charged two brothers with murder, one of whom used to work at the restaurant. The other brother, 16-year-old Zavon Payne, was sitting in his car outside the Five Guys restaurant when the shooting took place.

The 16-year-old suspect was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder. A witness told police that the suspect’s white Ford Mustang belonged to a former employee of Five Guys. Police subsequently detained two males, including Payne, for their roles in the crime. Both suspects will appear in court tomorrow. Earlier, there was no word about the motive behind the shooting, but police said they believe the shooting was motivated by gang violence.

A witness to the shooting identified the suspected shooter as a 16-year-old. Sevion was rushed to the hospital, but died from his injuries. His family spent most of the day Tuesday at the scene, seeking answers about the incident. They were frustrated with the slow investigation and wanted to know what happened to Sevion. If you know Sevion, you can’t help but feel for his family.

Earlier today, parents and students lined up outside the church to demand information about the shooting. Many urged for the kids to be released. The students gathered in front of the church hugged parents goodbye. Principal Ray praised the teachers for securing the students, citing the importance of protecting children. Principal Ray was emotional when talking to reporters outside of the church. School board president Michelle McKissack acknowledged that the detention of the 13-year-old was shocking.

Mallory Morgan was found dead in her car

Police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting as 23-year-old Mallory Morgan. The young woman was found dead in her car outside of her Midtown apartment complex, after she was shot multiple times. She had been working in communications for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, and was a Rover employee. She was shot at about 12:34 a.m. on Thursday. The crime scene remains under investigation, but anyone with information can contact the Memphis Police Department. You can leave a tip through Crime Stoppers.

Police say Morgan was shot multiple times after she collided with a car parked near a busy intersection in the Midtown area. The woman inside the black vehicle was shot dead, and the driver’s window was shattered. The white car, owned by Alvin Jones, also was hit and had no idea that it had become a crime scene. Other residents spoke to FOX13 about the deadly discovery.

Police are looking for a second suspect in a robbery in Hernando

A traffic stop in Hernando County, Florida, today resulted in the arrest of two suspects in the robbery of a Synovus Bank. Deputies also arrested two men after a second suspect was spotted near the bank on foot. The suspects fled on foot and were last seen near Discovery Point daycare, which is located near the bank. Detectives have contacted the Hernando County School District and are searching the area for the suspect.

A dollar general employee reported seeing two men fleeing from the bank while a woman chased them. She reported the suspects to her employer, and the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office was able to identify the suspects after an extensive search late Tuesday night. The suspect was identified as 27-year-old Derek Stephen Kelley, and was arrested Wednesday.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office released a video showing the suspects robbing a bank in Brooksville, Florida, this morning. The suspects were caught on video by two citizens after the robbery. One of the citizens tried to restrain them, and the other followed them to a rural area of the county. Deputies tracked Hilber and used deadly force on him.

A second suspect is being sought in a robbery case in Hernando, Florida, this morning. A person who has been arrested in connection with the case is not a threat to the community. The person is being interviewed by detectives and will not be identified due to Marsy’s Law, which states that the identity of the victim must remain anonymous.

Lockdowns are ordered for possible community or campus threats

According to the local school system, Lockdowns are ordered for possible community or college threats in Memphis today. The lockdown was lifted at 10:30am, but police continue to investigate the incident. Police are urging students and parents to stay indoors and avoid the area where the shooting occurred. Lockdowns are common during the school day, but they may be a better option for certain students.

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