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Period Tips: How to Take Control of Your Menstrual Cycle

Their natural cycle is a fantastic wonder for many women— A bodily rhythm that punctuates your life monthly. Nevertheless, it is also a painful burden and can wreak havoc on your daily routine and schedule. Period tips come in many shapes and sizes, sometimes zany, sometimes practical,  and can be complete lifesavers for many women. Whether it is drinking turmeric milk, wearing period underwear, or trying period delay tablets, there are all sorts of ways to claim back agency over your menstrual cycle.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Everyone’s bodily experience with their period differs, but one common side effect is how painful period cramps can be. Some women find that it can completely disrupt their daily routine and make even the most simple tasks unbearable. So, imagine getting struck by cramps in the middle of a busy workday—what can you do to ease yourself through the day. Firstly, many women swear by wearing comfortable clothes, so switch out the uncomfortable jeans for some looser leggings. Secondly, keeping a change of underwear in your bag can be life-saving, especially on heavier days, as it can save you from any leaks.

What You Can Eat

Sometimes, eating menstrual-friendly foods can be a great way to cope with your period’s strain on your body. Turmeric, for example, is a tremendous anti-inflammatory root that helps lower the pressure of cramps. In addition, many women sweat by boiling turmeric in the hot milk a few days before their period starts. Drinking this and taking ibuprofen can be a great way to stop the insufferable cramps that you might be feeling. Dark chocolate is another fan favorite since it is rich in iron and magnesium and can help alleviate some of the symptoms of PMS.

Dealing With The Pain

Every woman has had their fair share of insufferable cramps and a period that catches them at inconvenient times, such as on their wedding day or a beach holiday. For those that can deal with it, that is great. However, there are certain medications that you can take that can delay your period. Norethisterone tablets, for example, can be taken three days before your period and throughout to help slow the menstrual bleed. Of course, you have to take the pills consistently, but they are handy if you need to delay your period for a week or a couple of days. In a similar vein, certain progesterone-only contraceptive pills can also help you slow your period since they thin the lining of your womb, so there is less for you to bleed. Over time, you will notice your monthly bleed becoming less and less.

From food to clothing, whatever you are looking for, there is a hack out there for you. Periods may be a natural part of women’s monthly cycle, but they can cause disruption and pain in your daily routine. So why not make the process more manageable with some valuable tips and tricks. Make sure you find the hacks that suit your routine.

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