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Orthodontist Services: Smile Confidently

Orthodontists specialize in diagnosing, positioning, and correcting misaligned or malpositioned teeth. When one needs braces to fix crooked or crowded teeth for example, one visits an orthodontist who will not just put on the braces but also check for other underlying dental issues that may be causing the tooth position problems. Scroll down to find out more about orthodontist roles in dentistry.

Teeth related diseases and Orthodontists

An orthodontist’s primary responsibility is to assess and cure dental malocclusions and oral cavity malformations. To correct the alignment issues, the orthodontist manufactures orthonds that shape your teeth and jaws. Overcrowding and misalignment of teeth are common abnormalities. These can be treated with either metal or ceramic braces. With time, these braces impose pressure on the teeth. Consequently, the teeth are aligned properly, and the bone shape is permanently altered.


When your jaw alignment fails, it’s called a malocclusion. Your orthodontist is trained to address 3 different forms of malocclusions. First is ‘Crossbite’ that can easily be realigned or treated. Here, teeths are misaligned. Second, ‘Overbite’ where the upper jaw is greater in size compared to the lower jaw. Third is ‘Underbite’ which is opposite to ‘Overbite’.

In the treatment process, the orthodontist will first assess the type of malocclusion. After this, braces are designed for teeth alignment. Both the teeth and jaws structure will improve. In case of least need of alignment, Invisalign can be a choice.

Space Fillers

If your baby encountered early milestones like early loss of teeth, then the solution is space fillers. It will prevent overgrowth of neighboring teeth that may lead to decreased space for adult teeth.

Lip & Cheek Bumpers

Orthodontists not only align or fix teeth but are able to provide other treatments as well. If your lips and cheeks are protruding to the extent that they exert pressure on teeth, then you may need lip and cheek bumpers.

Palatal Expanders

To improve the curve of the upper jaw, palatal expanders work magically. These work on facial bones and articulations along them.


You may be provided retainers either prior or after the treatment. In some conditions, only retainers are enough and there is no need for orthodontic appliances.

Take Away!

You should be clear whether you need a dentist or an orthodontist. This blog provided a clear overview about the conditions in which you should refer to the orthodontist. Find a dentist in Kennewick or the orthodontist as per your need.

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