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Meniscus Injuries and treatment: Is meniscectomy the only intervention?

You know your face, your hair, hands, and feet. But do you know about your knee? What structures do they have? Is it containing only the bones or are there other structures like cartilage, ligaments, and tendons? Have you ever tried to explore the anatomy or physiology of your knee? Moreover, which part of your knee is more prone to injuries? It is meniscus!

When your bones fracture, they regenerate on healing but when your meniscus is injured, it doesn’t regenerate. How is a meniscus tear treated then? Do you get it removed? Or is there another way! The most affordable option is to prevent meniscus injuries as much as possible. If you are a sportsman, you are more prone to meniscus injuries. This blog explains meniscus vulnerability to injuries and possible interventions.

Meniscus Injury

Over time, due to repetitive stress on the knee, the menisci are at risk of injuries. Wear and tear can happen at any age and it depends on the lifestyle. For athletes, menisci injuries can happen at any age when engaging in heavy sports.

To comprehend the reason why menisci are more vulnerable to stress injuries, let’s understand its function. It functions as a shock absorber – for example, on weight lifting, the menisci absorbs the stress of bending knees and protects it from injuries. When your meniscus hurt, you should immediately take effective measures. Today, menisci removal is taken as the best treatment but it is not recommended. If you are a child or young athlete, don’t agree with the menisci removal. As it is absorbing the mechanical stress to your knee joint, when it is removed, the joint has no protection. You may develop OA or other chronic bone illnesses over time.

Treatment for Meniscal Injuries

Other than meniscectomy, an effective approach is to sew the torn-out collagen back onto the knee joint capsule. In the early years, if you get the meniscus restored, you may reduce the risk for other bone disorders like arthrosis.

You can seek meniscus tear sewn if you are younger than age sixty-five. The surgeons try their best to save the meniscus. In this way, the function is preserved. Moreover, if your meniscus was removed earlier, then a meniscus implant will be implanted. It will then grow over the joint, and start functioning normally.

Take Away!

The article explained menisci injuries and Meniskusriss Behandlung briefly for your ease. If you want any other information on the topic, comment.

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