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Health/the Basics By Donatelle Pdf

Health: The Basics by Donatelle PDF

Health: The Basics, 12th Edition, focuses on real-world topics. This edition is updated with dynamic interactive content and media, while maintaining the book’s hallmarks of currency, attractive design, and accessibility. The book includes mini-chapters that focus on specific topics and tightly weaves online activities into the narrative. The book is packed with learning activities, including reading quizzes and self-assessments .Health/the Basics By Donatelle Pdf

Tenth Edition

Health:The Basics, Tenth Edition, focuses on media and technology, bringing relatable content and easy-to-use media into the classroom. New videos and supplements include ABC News, Tweet Your Health, and behavior change video logs. It also includes countless teacher supplements. Educators can also use course management tools to make the material more relevant and engaging to their students. It is a must-have text for all health and wellness classes.

12th edition

In the 12th edition of Health: The Basics, MasteringHealth, the author focuses on real-world topics while keeping the hallmarks of cutting-edge research, currency, and accessibility. This new edition of Health: The Basics emphasizes behavior change through the inclusion of Learning Outcomes, reading quizzes, and interactive content. Students benefit from the personalized coaching and self-assessment tools provided by the interactive site.

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