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Fitness Freak Milind Soman’s Diet Plan Revealed: See What He Eats In A Day

A fitness freak and gardener, Milind Soman has shared his diet plan and gardening efforts. He recently shared a photo of himself shirtless, holding a plate of nutritious food. He also stressed the importance of keeping processed food out of his diet. He has also taken up yoga and meditation, and shares his food preparations with fans on his YouTube channel.


Known as a fitness freak, supermodel, and actor, Milind Soman has a diet plan that can be compared to a healthy diet. The Indian superstar grows his own vegetables, which he posts on his Instagram account. His wife is also an active fitness fan and runs marathons. So, the fitness freak diet plan will be interesting for her followers as well.

After working out for a long day, Milind Soman has an incredible diet. Despite his hectic lifestyle, he manages to stay fit and lean. His first meal is almonds, one papaya, or melon, and any seasonal fruit. He also consumes rice, dal khichdi, and seasonal vegetables for lunch.

To maintain his healthy diet, Milind Soman begins his day by drinking 500 ml of water, eats rice and lentils with vegetables, and consumes black tea with jaggery for breakfast. He also avoids processed foods, and drinks alcohol only twice a year. If you want to follow Milind’s diet plan, check out his Instagram page for more pictures of what he eats in a day!

The fitness model has a strict diet plan that includes home-cooked meals and workouts. His workout routine involves lifting weights and performing cardio. He also avoids processed food and sugary snacks. In addition to this, he does not consume alcohol or sugar and limits his portions to once or twice a year. This diet plan can be easily followed by anyone who wants to achieve a fit body.

A few days a week, Soman runs. He believes that you need to be active all the time to maintain a fit body. While he does not workout in the gym, he does run several times a week. He runs three to four times a week, and does not do many gym workouts because they focus on different muscle groups instead of the whole body.

Coconut water

If you’ve ever wondered what the diet plan of cricket great Milind Soman is, here’s a sneak peek. The 55-year-old started his day with 500 ml of water, followed by a small breakfast of fruits, nuts, and seasonal vegetables. In addition, he drinks kadha four times a day, which he claims has helped him recover from Covid 19 faster than the virus.

Milind Soman’s diet is extremely simple and he avoids refined foods, processed foods, packaged foods, and alcohol. Instead, he drinks room temperature water and only indulges in one glass of alcohol a year. While he does indulge in the occasional glass of wine, his diet is highly variable and may vary slightly from time to time, as he travels.

He also shares details about his workouts and diet, letting his followers see what he eats and drinks each day. Besides fruits and vegetables, Milind Soman also avoids packaged foods and refined sugar. Instead, he consumes fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, and pulses. And he even runs barefoot on the beach.

The actor begins his day with 500 ml of water, and then eats his breakfast at 10am. For lunch, he eats dal khichadi with local vegetables, rice, and homemade ghee. He has a small piece of chicken/mutton or egg once a month, and has black tea sweetened with jaggery at the end of the day. He drinks only two glasses of alcohol per week.

Local and traditional dishes

Among the diets of many famous men, Milind Soman’s consists of traditional Indian food. Milind Soman, a fitness enthusiast from India, eats a variety of local and traditional dishes, including sweets and desserts sweetened with jaggery. He also consumes turmeric in hot water, and avoids processed and packaged food. He does not drink any soft drinks or extra vitamins. He also drinks water as per his needs, and does not consume alcohol more than once or twice a year. He lives with his fitness enthusiast wife Ankita Konwar, who also shares a passion for food and fitness.

In the morning, Milind drinks 500ml of room-temperature water. He then eats a seasonal fruit like mango, followed by rice and dal khichadi with seasonal vegetables. For lunch, he eats a traditional Indian dish made with rice, dal and two teaspoons of homemade ghee. Before he goes to sleep, he takes turmeric mixed in hot water, and he also has a teaspoon of jaggery.

For lunch, Milind Soman sticks to traditional and local cuisine. He typically eats rice mixed with seasonal vegetables, ideally two parts rice to one part vegetables. Sometimes, he substitutes vegetables for khichdi, and he often serves this vegetarian meal with homemade ghee, instead of butter. To add flavour, Milind Soman also eats six chapatis instead of rice.

Despite the fact that some local food is largely processed and imported, Milind Soman’s diet plan is based on fresh, nutritious foods grown locally and with minimal processing. Using fresh ingredients, he avoids sugar and refined white flour. A typical diet for a supermodel would consist of one serving of local and traditional food and one serving of imported, processed food.


If you’ve ever seen one of Milind Soman’s fitness videos, you’ve likely been intrigued by his diet plan. The 30-year-old is renowned for keeping it simple, and sharing glimpses of his day-to-day routine. To stay fit, Soman limits his intake of processed food and alcohol to once or twice a year. His diet also includes kadha, a type of acai, four times a day.

In the morning, Milind begins his day with a 500ml glass of room-temperature water, and then adds almonds and four seasonal fruits to his morning shake. He eats a balanced meal, avoiding processed foods and soft drinks. He also avoids consuming extra vitamins or supplements, and drinks only two glasses of wine a year. These tips will help you stay in shape during an epidemic, or even in the middle of one!

Despite his busy schedule, Milind Soman is dedicated to healthy living and shares his daily diet and workout routine through his social media accounts. His Instagram feed is filled with inspiring videos of him running barefoot, as well as a glimpse of his diet plan. Unlike other celebrities, Soman avoids alcohol and processed foods as much as possible. His daily meals include fruits, vegetables, and protein.

In the afternoon, Milind Soman enjoys the local fare of his village. For lunch, he typically eats rice and seasonal vegetables (usually two parts rice to one part). He may even switch up the vegetables for khichdi if he feels that the meal would be less nutritious. In the evening, he drinks a turmeric drink, sweetened with jaggery, with his meal.

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