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E-Z Split Key Cup Drug Tests: How to use E-Z Split Key Cup

The E-Z Split Key Cup is a completely incorporated, independent medication evaluating cup for identifying medications and medication metabolites in urine. A large group of alter insurance highlights guarantee of both example and results.

The E-Z Split Key Cup Drug Tests is the primary prompt reaction on location testing gadget to offer a minimal, split-example design that is simply difficult to utilize, however is not difficult to regulate for the two genders. In light of its minimized and oval shape front and squared back, the E-Z Split KeyCup is as simple to use for ladies and men.

Completely Integrated Design kills treatment of the urine.Only the authority can enact the test, consequently taking out benefactor control. Mark conceals test results from the people who don’t have to see results. Level surface makes archiving results simple The DOA plunge card is our most efficient quick reaction drug screening item.

  • No treatment of the urine is required
  • Watertight snap top
  • Incorporated Temperature Strip
  • Auto-Split example for example uprightness
  • No plunging, shifting, or contacting
  • Brings about 3-5 minutes

Procedure to use E-Z Split Key Cup:

Start Testing at Your Convenience with a Unique Key Activator System. Held Split Specimen Ideal for When Additional Confirmation Testing is Needed. Simple To-Use and Quality Urine Drug Test Cup. Level Sided Cup for Ease of Photocopying Results.

  • Gather the Specimen
  • Gather no less than 30 mL of pee in the test cup and afterward cover with the sterile cap.
  • Sit tight for Results
  • Stand by for 5 minutes to peruse results displayed on the test strips.
  • Try not to peruse results following 10 minutes.

How to Check results of test:

Follow the instructions to check the result of the test.

  • Adverse Result:
  • If both the “C” (Control) line and the “T” (Test) line show up, it is a Negative outcome. Regardless of whether the “T” line is seen faintly.
  • Invalid Result:
  • If the “C” (Control) line doesn’t appear, results are viewed as Invalid.

If test gives Positive Result:

  • If by some stroke of good luck, the “C” (Control) line seems the experimental outcome is Positive.
  • Remove Chart

Final words:

The simple Split Key Cup is a reasonable medication testing arrangement that furnishes a quality screening technique with (almost 100%) exact outcomes. This item is known as the Key Cup, Split Key Cup, Integrated Cup, Easy Key Cup.

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