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Dynamic Meds

Dynamic Meds Marijuana and Perris,
Calif., Are the First to Advertise
Medical Marijuana

There are several benefits of CBD products. These products may have immediate or delayed
effects and are great for kicking back, getting energized, or inspiring. In addition to the many
recreational benefits, CBD products can help treat medical systems and conditions.
California, has more than 15 licensed cannabis stores, making it the perfect place to start your
search for a medical marijuana product. Read on to learn more. Dynamic Meds Marijuana
Dynamic Meds Marijuana is in Perris
It’s hard to believe that a city with no medical marijuana dispensaries will be the first to
advertise marijuana for sale in California. But the fact is, the city of Perris is not alone.
Riverside County will be seeing cannabis advertising before too long. Currently, only four
dispensaries are licensed in Riverside County. These are Empire Gardens, Dynamic Meds
Marijuana and Firehouse 64.
But despite the state’s regulations, Perris is already becoming California’s version of Las
Vegas. In the past year alone, there have been a dozen licensed cannabis stores in California
and six more pending. It’s like a gambling town where the marijuana industry is betting on it
won’t bring increased crime and harm to its residents. But the city is making a mistake.
City leaders in Perris are trying to close the illegal dispensaries, but the process is
complicated. While the city allows medical marijuana dispensaries in industrial zones, they are
not allowed near residential areas, schools, churches or parks. Perris’ first medical marijuana
dispensary, Dynamic Meds Marijuana, opened in August. However, the city’s zoning law has
many restrictions and regulations.
While California legalized marijuana on January 1, 2017, it’s shifting gears in Perris. With 20
billboards lining the I-215 corridor, the city is getting ready for legalization in 2020. While
marijuana remains illegal, its legalization does not mean that it’s not a dangerous drug. The
truth is that marijuana use is not a good thing for our society. It causes paranoia and
psychosis, which can lead to violent behavior.
Perris has 15 licensed cannabis stores
Perris, Calif., has become California’s Las Vegas. With billboards advertising upcoming
cannabis stores, the small town has become a tourist destination. Perris now has 15 licensed
marijuana stores and six more are pending. With the legalization of marijuana, the town is
betting that the new stores will not lead to an increase in criminal activity or harm to the
community. But what is Perris thinking?
The first female owner of a marijuana dispensary in California is Ellie Taj. She owns the
dispensary with her husband, Ernesto Rothenhausler, who runs an accounting firm. Ellie Taj
has been a medical marijuana patient since 2006 and is proud to be the first female marijuana
dispensary owner in Perris. Perris is not the only place in Riverside County where marijuana is
The first step for launching a marijuana business in Perris is to register as a business. You
must acquire a Perris business Id. Once you have this, you need to register your business
name with Riverside County. You will also need a DBA Doing Business As Trade Firm Name
(DBA). Lastly, a California sales license is required to sell taxable products. Fortunately, Perris
has 15 licensed cannabis stores.
If you’re looking for a dispensary in Perris, you’ll need to know about the city’s laws. The city
has only permitted medical marijuana dispensaries. This limits the number of businesses that
can be open within city limits. However, this is a temporary measure until legalization is

finalized in Riverside County. However, Perris’ rapid growth makes this city an attractive
business opportunity.
There are a number of hurdles that businesses face when opening their doors. First, there are
state and local taxes involved. In Perris, the city collects about $50,000 in taxes each month
from its three largest cannabis stores. As a result, the city has the authority to approve or
deny any cannabis business. However, in general, the City of Perris does not see a connection
between the marijuana industry and violence.
Once the city has legalized cannabis, it will be possible for retailers to open a storefront. The
city’s local laws are clear that cannabis stores must be located in a retail business. Cannabis
businesses must file a seller’s license and a business license. A cannabis retail storefront can
also deliver medical cannabis to patients. This is a relatively new category, and the City
Council is recommending that more marijuana businesses open in the city.

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