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Dr Taryn Marie Nike

Dr Taryn Marie Nike
If you are looking for a keynote speaker who will inspire your audience, then you are in the
right place! Dr Taryn Marie Stejskal is a virtual keynote speaker who has spoken to companies,
conferences, and organizations around the world. Her work is rooted in the latest findings from
qualitative research, but her approachable and engaging style will engage your audience on a
deep level. In addition to her passion for advancing the science of human behavior, Taryn is
also a sought-after speaker.
Dr Taryn Marie Stejskal
Resilience is a key trait of human nature and an important part of leadership development. Yet
it has been misunderstood and under-appreciated by leaders, managers, and leaders-to-be.
Taryn Marie Stejskal, Founder and Chief Resilience Officer of the Resilience Leadership
Institute, inspires audiences by offering practical and effective approaches to build resilience.
Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal Nike is a highly sought-after keynote speaker. She is an experienced
speaker who connects with audiences deeply. Her research and practical advice is
groundbreaking and has been adapted to multiple formats. She has been featured on many
television programs and in a book, Flourish or Fold. Her leadership expertise translates into
her role as a keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer for a range of audiences.
Taryn Marie has conducted original research on resilience and developed an empirically-based
framework known as The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People. Dr. Marie makes
resilience accessible to all people and helps leaders to achieve their full potential. She
specializes in executive coaching, top-team effectiveness, and keynote speeches. She works
with individuals in a variety of industries, including sports, government, and non-profit

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