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Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With the Lamp

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With
the Lamp
Dr. Elise is a former body with knowledge of modern medicine and wants to use it to help her
new empire. Unfortunately, her new profession requires her to stay away from Prince Linden
de Romanoff, who wants to marry her. This series started as a webtoon, but has since been
translated into a book by FineToon. In the first book, Dr. Elise and the Crown Prince meet, but
the story does not end there.
Dr. Song Jihyun’s past life as Elise de Clorance
The webtoon series based on the novel Doctor Elise revolves around the titular character, Dr.
Song Jihyun. In her previous life, she was an ill-mannered noble brat who ruined the lives of
everyone. Upon discovering the truth about her past life, Elise ordered her own death.
However, the cruel order did not stop her from reincarnating in Korea. Now, Dr. Song Jihyun
has returned as Elise de Clorance, and she has a new identity as a surgeon.
A brilliant surgeon, Dr. Song Jihyun has just been appointed the youngest lecturer at Seoul
University. However, she has memories of her past lives. In her first past life, she was known
as Elise De Clorence. During this time, she had been a corrupt and devious woman, and her
life ended in death. But she decided to restart her life, and was determined to change her
ways. But the untimely death of her first life causes her to return to her previous life as Elise
de Clorance.
Dr. Song Jihyun’s 16 year old self
The movie “Dr. Song Jihyun’s 16 Year Old Self” is about the teen version of Dr. Song Jihyun,
who has the same traits as her adult self. During her teen years, she exhibited charisma and
compassion. She cared for the wounded and the traumatic. However, she tended to isolate
herself from people who didn’t need her help. She felt anxious around people because she was
worried that they would see her flaws.
When she was 16, Rika taught Saeyoung some basic subjects, including math. She wished her
little brother could learn the basics, but Saeyoung was averse to talking about his family, and
she was not willing to take him to a cathedral. Although her younger brother was indifferent
toward her, she still felt affection for him, even though he was the one who had been abused
by his foster parents.
Dr. Song Jihyun’s engagement to the Crown Prince
Doctor Song Jihyun is a prodigy among surgeons in the modern world. He has saved the lives
of many patients, and is renowned for his ability to save people no matter what their condition
is. But his recent engagement to the Crown Prince makes him a prime target for jealousy. In
an effort to regain her trust, he undertakes a dangerous mission.
Filming on the drama is set to begin in April. The drama is 100% pre-produced, and is set to
air in the second half of 2018. The cast features EXO member Doh Kyungsoo as the Crown
Prince. The show also features Choi Taejoon and Nam Jihyun. The cast also includes Doh
Kyungsoo, Nam Jihyun, and Choi Taejoon.
During the drama, we learn more about Song Jihyun’s father. The Crown Prince’s father is
actually a puppet king who is controlled by the vice-premier. Likewise, her step-mother is
ambitious and aims to gain the title of Crown Prince. She also harbors feelings for Yul, and
she is continuously suspected of murder attempts against him.

As the plot progresses, we see Yul as a cold, intelligent, and talented martial artist. Despite
his cold demeanor, Yul is still a lover for Yi-seo. In fact, he still believes that she is killed. He
hates both Yi-seo and his father. And he hates the Crown Princess and her father.
Elise’s breakup with the Crown Prince
The story begins with the Emperor encouraging the Francoine Republic to call back Louis
Nicholas for his war crimes trial. When the Prince refuses to go back to court, the military
misleads the Emperor, which plays into Louis Nicholas’ hands. Later, Elise and Linden’s
relationship reaches the breaking point, but not before Elise’s father worries about her safety.
The Crown Prince and Elise are married in 1868, and their son is named after her father,
Heinrich Kreuzer.
The Crown also introduces Camilla Shand, a former actress who had an on-and-off
relationship with Prince Charles. Despite the relationship between the two, the Queen Mother
and Lord Mountbatten try to stop Camilla and Charles from getting married. However, the
Queen Mother and the Crown Prince are against the couple’s union. Camilla and Charles go
on to get married in 2005, and the Prince and Camilla’s relationship is now under threat.

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