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Atlantis Health Care Group (Puerto Rico), Inc.

The Atlantis Health Care Group (Puerto Rico), Inc. has more than one NPI number. If you are
a patient or provider of health services, you can find the NPI for your specific health care
organization here
. However, if you are a physician, nurse, or other health care professional,
you may have to search for additional NPI numbers. This article will explain the process for
finding the right NPI number for your health care group.
Dr. Frederick S Sherman
The practice of Dr. Frederick S Sherman accepts Medicare and accepts the Medicare-approved
the amount for the services rendered. However, there are deductibles and coinsurance amounts.
For these reasons, it is best to check with the Medicare plan before scheduling an
appointment. Patients with Medicare are encouraged to take advantage of the Medicare eRx
incentive program. However, patients without Medicare coverage should still make sure that
the provider accepts their plan’s deductible and coinsurance amounts.
For your convenience, we have included a brief description of Dr. Frederick S Sherman’s
experience in treating Medicare patients. His medical training includes a residency in internal
medicine. He is board-certified and/or board-eligible. He treats adults of all ages and monitors
chronic physical conditions and diseases. He also provides health counseling regarding
disease prevention and wellness. Dr. Sherman is a board-certified and affiliated physician with
Atlantis Health Services.
Type of health care provider assigned an NPI
A National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique 10-digit identification number for a health care
provider. The NPI is used to reduce fraud, improve health care system efficiency, and simplify
transactions between entities. Atlantis health services were among the first organizations to
adopt NPI. We are proud to have one of these numbers! What is an NPI? Read on to learn
more about this new system.
A health care provider can be composed of many parts and have separate physical locations.
A covered organization provider must obtain an NPI for every electronic claim it submits. Other
types of health care providers are considered “atypical” and do not have to obtain an NPI. For
example, a psychiatrist or dentist that does not see patients will not have an NPI. A
physician’s office, group practice, or hospital that specializes in mental health, will get one
under their own NPI.
An NPI is an alphanumeric identifier for a health care provider that is unique to the entity. This
identifier will never change even if the provider changes name or location, or changes
ownership or taxonomy classification. However, an NPI can be changed or discarded if the NPI
is misused or fraudulently obtained. A health care provider assigned an NPI is legally bound to
disclose this information.
Location of Atlantis Health Care Group (Puerto Rico), Inc.
Atlantis Health Care Group Puerto Rico, Inc. is a company that primarily provides dialysis
services throughout Puerto Rico. It was founded by Dr. Otegbola Ojo in 2000. Currently, the
company has 13 facilities and a patient census of approximately 1,400. The company has been
in business for nine years and generates about $30.1 million in annual revenues.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recognized ATLANTIS Health Care Group
(Puerto Rico), INC. in 2009. In 2009, this organization received the highest rating possible. It
was certified to participate in the Medicare program and provides services in the Paseo Del
Prado Shopping Center. While it is a for-profit organization, it offers a wide range of medical
services. It also offers social and financial assistance services to patients.

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