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4 Walking Aids That Can Help Those with Limited Mobility

If you have recently had a change of situation which has resulted in a reduced range of mobility, or else you have been living with a substantially less range of physical mobility for many years, then one of the best ways to reclaim your freedom is to invest in one or more walking aids.

So continue reading to learn of four walking aids that can help those with limited mobility.

1.   Folding Walking Sticks

Depending on your personal situation, it may well be that you only need a little assistance and physical support to get around and if this sounds like you, then a folding walking stick is definitely the way to go.

Obviously lightweight and incredibly easy to transport, especially if you are someone who travels frequently, a folding walking stick is not only a practical aid to walking, but comes in a wide variety of different lengths, sizes and even colors and designs.

2.   Four Wheeled Rollator

Another excellent walking aid which can truly revolutionize your levels of independence and can therefore substantially boost your daily levels of emotional health and wellbeing is that of a four wheeled rollator.

When you invest in a four wheeled rollator from renowned mobility aid suppliers, such as Mobility Solutions, for example, you will be able to choose the exact design, specification and ideal accessories which will match your needs perfectly.

Four wheeled rollators are perhaps one of the most popular choices of those individuals living with a reduced level of physical mobility and are often cited as the most stable aid. What is more, for people who need to take small breaks the seat means that the rollator offers an extra level of comfort which other walking aids simply cannot. 

3.   Elbow Crutches

If you are instead looking for a walking aid which will either be used temporarily, whilst you recover from an injury or strain, or else one that is only needed over shorter distances, then elbow crutches may well be your best bets.

Elbow crutches are much more effective when they can be adjusted to the specific height and posture of the user and most suppliers offer a range of different handles and arm rest depending entirely on the required usage of the individual.

4.   Walking Frames

Walking frames, often alternatively referred to as Zimmer frames, are one of the more recognizable walking aids and although often associated with older adults, can be used by people of all ages for a wide variety of reasons.

Basically, a walking frame is a sturdy, metal frame which has four gripped contact points on the ground and gripped handles for the hands and arms. Walking frames vary in design, with the most common models having either a simple framed structure, a four-wheeled design or else two wheels at the front of the frame and grips at the back. Additionally, for those who intend to use their walking frame regularly, you should also look into purchasing specially designed back supports which can be worn under clothing to support movement and gloves so your hands and fingers are protected.

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