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16048 Avalon Dr Rogers AR 72756

16048 Avalon Dr Rogers AR 72756 Is
a Great Rental Home

This rental home is located in Rogers. Located in a quiet neighborhood, it offers LVT flooring
throughout. The property is pet-friendly with a $250 pet fee. For more information, contact a
REALTOR. In addition, you can view recent updates made to this home. Listed in a great area,
it’s close to restaurants, shopping, and schools. To schedule a showing, contact a REALTOR.
Recent updates to this home
In Rogers, AR there are currently 114 homes for sale. Some of these homes are currently Hot
Homes and are likely to sell fast. If you are looking for a home in Rogers, AR, you may want to
consider one of the popular neighborhoods, such as Downtown Bentonville, Pinnacle Country
Club, or Apple Spur. You can find homes for sale in the surrounding areas on Zillow.
This charming home in Rogers, AR, has a fantastic location just minutes from downtown. It
features a freshly remodeled kitchen, formal dinning room, and 3rd guest room, complete with
decorative glass door. The home has a backyard with a partially covered patio and a spacious
yard. The home comes equipped with a smart doorbell and thermostat to make life more
Data relating to real estate for sale on this website comes in
part from the Internet Data exchange (IDX) program of the
REALTOR(r) Association of Acadiana
IDX is a popular tool used to promote real estate in the state of Louisiana. The IDX program
allows real estate agents to display their listings on the MLS website, providing consumers
with accurate and up-to-date information about available properties. Although IDX is not
mandatory in Louisiana, it has several advantages for real estate agents. The benefits of using
IDX are numerous, including providing buyers with the latest listings and giving agents the
confidence that their information is accurate.
This information is provided voluntarily by real estate professionals and is not intended to
replace professional advice. Listing data is gathered from various sources and is not
guaranteed to be accurate. Buyers should verify all information before relying on it. If you have
questions, contact the listing agent.
Information about real estate for sale on this website has been obtained from the REALTOR(r)
Association of Acadiadiana and is provided based on the best efforts of local real estate
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these terms and conditions at any time. If you continue to use the website after such changes,
you agree to them.
The NAR Board of Directors recently approved refinements to the current policy, which allows
participating MLS participants to display each other’s listings. The NAR Board of Directors
approved the changes and updated the questions to clarify these issues. IDX is an integral
part of the real estate marketing and prospecting program.
Flexmls Platform enables real estate professionals to work independently while giving them
data freedom and innovation. Flexmls IDX puts agents in the driver’s seat and empowers them
to create the perfect home. The Flexmls App helps users find their dream home by
collaborating, searching, and comparing homes with their real estate agent.

Contact a REALTOR for the most accurate and up to date
status of this or any other property

In order to get the most accurate and up-to-date information, you should contact a REALTOR.
The agent who is handling your real estate transaction will be able to tell you the current
status of 16048 Avalon Dr Rogers AR 72756. If you are interested in seeing the property in
person, you can contact a REALTOR to schedule a showing.
A REALTOR will also look at comparable sales to determine the true market value of a
property. Comparable sales are properties that have recently sold in the same neighborhood.
The agent will take three to six months’ worth of comparable sales to get the best estimate of
what your property is worth. It’s crucial to have as much information as possible when doing
this, as too little information will lead to inaccurate numbers.
While you’re talking to the seller, don’t forget to ask about his or her motivation for selling. You
want to know what he or she is looking for from the sale and what their timeline is. A strong
sales relationship will result in a positive outcome. A REALTOR should ask these types of
questions to gain an understanding of the seller’s timeline and motivations for selling.
A REALTOR will help you prepare the home for inspection. The inspection process can take a
few hours, so make sure you clear your schedules to make it work. Your Realtor will also help
you negotiate with the buyer and help you get through the inspection process. The inspector
may mention some repairs that need to be made to the home.

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